Black History Month, The Photographers pt4

 Our final photographer in the black history month the photographers is none other than
Matthew Jordan Smith

Mood music

Music... yes music we all know and love it, but what kind of music puts a fire under those creative juices. I would really like to know what gets you all going? If your anything like me you love all genres of music, and I mean ALL. I go from classical to rock, hip hop, pop, alternative and even country.

Music has a way of just putting you in a mind set that drives you to be more, more than you were, and more than you are. It's like having your own theme music for the montage of creativity that you are about to unleash on the world. Out of all the music I listen to, the one album that will light that fire for me has to be "ok computer" from Radiohead. What's your fire starter?

Love the camera your with

Hey everyone. Its February, and you know what that means... love is in the air. Who better to show some love to than your camera.  Let's think for a moment who loves to go on long walks, who loves seeing the things you see and who doesn't mind being by your side all day without complaining, your camera.

I know there will be new and improved cameras coming out trying to steal your attention, but stay true to what you have and it will stay true to you. Not to sound to cliche, but  the best camera is truly the one you have with you. So make sure you show your camera love and it will show you love back.



Black history month, the photographers.

Happy black history month. Every Monday during this black history month. I will talk about at least one black photographer that you may or may not have heard of.

Asian street style

I am such a lover of street fashion, the styles, the culture, the whole sha-bang. The creativity that I  have found in street fashion while just walking around has been so inspiring, and enjoyable.
Now I am a lover of all cultures, fashion and styles but I have been very drawn to the Asian sense of style.

I have found that my Asian sisters & brothers have so much style and attention to detail its astounding, and I love it.
Here I have a few of the street fashion looks from my Asian sisters & brothers.