The right tulle for the job

The next couple of photos were elivated by a few peices of tulle.
Tulle can be such a versatile weapon in your arsenal of photography tools.

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Get out there, shoot!

Hi everyone, I have just a word of advice today. Go out and shoot. I mean really go out and find that meaningful image. Find the image that you just have to take, and the one that gets your heart pumping.
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Fall Family Portraits

Good day everyone, as you can see I'm back at my favorite park for some fall family portraits.
I have placed my setting under each photo just to give an idea of how I got the shots. let me know what you think of the photos :)

Fall Family Portraits-autumn-November-photography-family-kids-85mm-5d-park-photos
5D mark IV, 85mm, 1/160s, ISO 100, f/2.8, remote triggered from iPhone 7plus