Street Fashion in NYC

The aesthetic of NYC just can't be beat. NYC has that grit that is very hard to find anywhere in the world.
Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn! What more can I say Brooklyn, my home town will always be amazing to shoot photos in. These photos where taken by the Williamsburg Bridge.

vans, street fashion

vans, street fashion
  street fashion shot in Brooklyn NY
T-shirt: Zara
Jeans: American Eagle
Sneakers: vans Chima Pro 2

I had to take these shots in Manhattan. I love the meat packing high line area of the city.
The area has a warmer color tone. Most of the buildings and surroundings have a either red or brown, 
and those tones contrast well with blue jeans.

street fashion

street fashion
Shot in Manhattan high line meat packing district
Shades: Vans
T-shirt: Zara
Jeans: American eagle
Bag: dumpling 
Shoes: Nine west

The meat packing district has I said has such beautiful tones.
I continued the rest of the day in this area.

Street Fashion, vans

T-shirt: Uniqlo
Jeans: H&M
Sneakers: Vans 

How to avoid blurry photos

Good day everyone I hope you all doing well. Today I have a quick tip on how to get sharper photos.
Most of us shoot by hand holding the camera which can result in camera shake. The focus could be spot on, but some how the photos still come out blurry. One of the best ways to fight against the hand shake blurry madness by shooting one over the focal length. 

Shooting the same shutter speed or higher than the focal number on your lens. Let's say you're shooting  at 50mm your shutter speed should be at least 1/50. 
how to avoid blurry photos

Shooting double the focal length will give even better results such as 1/100 on a 50mm.
Double the shutter or even triple as long as the shutter speed exceeds the focal length your in there like swim wear. Check ya later.

Flat Lay Product Photography

Just because you are in the house does not mean you stop shooting. Flat lay product photography is a good way to advertise a product for a company or yourself. The flat lay can seem to just have stuff scattered, but in reality they are all meticulously placed for effect. Before I forget...The levitating effect is done by placing your main product on something to bring it just above the other items.

oster, flat lay, product photography,
 For the Oster clippers I placed like objects to give a feeling to the main product.

nintendo, flat lay, product photography,
 This photo was for the video game lover, and to show that the nintendo switch is
standing on the shoulders of giants.

Duncan, yo-yo, flat lay, product photography,
I have always loved Yo-Yo's and Duncan is the best of the best.
A more kids room floor was the idea behind the photo.

Outfit of the day in a pandemic

Such a beautiful day I had to get out and shoot while staying safe.

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Mask: Official
Jacket: H&M
Purse: Ali Express
Dress: Zara
Sneakers: Fila

Outfit of the day in a pandemic

Outfit of the day in a pandemic

Outfit of the day in a pandemic