fun cam

Ahh, the good times that these cameras have made for so many people. The polaroid was always the life of a party, I guess now with camera phones there is no need for these, but to me a phone is not the same. Remember the joy of pressing the shutter and that white square photo would come out, and than we would shake the photo for dear life lol, and no one could touch the front of the photo. slowly but surely like magic the photo would appear. The process was simply amazing. Only one drew back "the film" was hella expensive, and you only got like ten shots, but we made those ten shots count. The memories that the polaroid has made are amazing and we are all happy for them. :)  

work space

I love my work space. I get most of my inspiration from there, as you can see I love being surrounded by photos. The photos help me stay on the right path, whenever I'm feeling tired and lazy I just sit at my desk to regain my focus. I know everyone has that one place to get them back on track because more than not its needed. Always remember stay focused. peace!

Who got best portrait? this guy! lol

I could not be happier I won the new canon 70D camera. Adorama pro and Canon had a photo of the summer in NYC contest with two categories best portrait and best landscape, I won the best portrait category.
Here is my winning photo.

There was actually three winners the third category was best in show. The winning prize was a 5d mk3. Yours truly, Andrew Kim & Nathan Wallace

Andrew Kim, best in show

 Nathan Wallace, best landscape

I had a really great time at the event can't wait till the next one.


 Ahhh that morning glow has the best light its warm and very inviting to the eye. No flashes no reflectors no artificial light needed just beautiful sun light. I love it and you should too, It's time to get up get your camera and get some of that great light.

The little lady - Brooklyn, New York cute toddler portrait photography

Brooklyn, New York cute toddler portrait photography 
I had the joy of creating photographs of  a very photogenic little lady who loves to pose for the camera, and she is not even two yet.

Brooklyn, New York cute toddler portrait photography 
A baby's laugh can brighten up the whole room, and put a smile on every ones face lol

Brooklyn, New York cute toddler portrait photography 
The little lady was ready for her break.

Brooklyn, New York cute toddler portrait photography 
A little rest and play time before the mommy and daughter session.

Brooklyn, New York cute toddler portrait photography 
 The little lady let mommy share the spot light.

Brooklyn, New York cute toddler portrait photography 
Too cute.

Brooklyn, New York cute toddler portrait photography 
We came to the end of our photo session the little lady took the spot light back, turned on the color, put on her sun hat, and got her glasses for the road. Till next time.

"very young punk"

 My little model like most kids when they see you with a camera they want their photo taken, but this little guy will get fully dressed and ready for a full on photo shoot.

 Complete with is own poses with a lil help from mommy and daddy.

 Gotta love working with kids mainly because they have great personality and imagination. :-)


This is my best friend and model Allen. We have had multiple photo sessions together, but this particular session was a little different. You see my friend is going through some problems at the moment nothing he can't handle, but the camera can't lie. The camera has a way of looking inside, and revealing the true thoughts and emotions of a subject. The session lasted for about 15 min, Allen had some prior engagements to attend to. This time I was shooting with a tripod and a remote shutter release its a way of making your subject more comfortable because you don't have a camera blocking your face. So as we were talking about his situation I captured this photo, and I feel it gave so much emotion in a subtle way. As a portrait photographer I feed off true and real emotion, being able to portray real emotion through a photo is the greatest feeling for a portrait photographer. Thanks Allen. 


I love to wonder around New York City and stumble into new areas that I have never been. The city of New York has so much to offer. Most of the time the best things are right outside your window no need for a museum. I encourage all of you to wonder, stumble and just plain get lost in your city which ever city that may be you never know what you may find. Remember junk to some people may be art to you. Okay enough reading go "Get Lost" :-)

Glamor beauty

At heart I am a glamor photographer. I love to see the beauty in all women, no matter if you are full figured, petite, dark, light, short or tall. All women are beautiful and I will make sure they know it.


Over the past few days in new york the weather has been so wonderful, and everyone was out on their bikes, skateboards and other sorts of wheels. I gave myself a little project shoot photos of people wheelin'.


Good morning, let me get to the point what motivates you? Everyone has that little thing that motivates them for the day. the thing that gives you that boost, that energy, that gusto to take on the world. I have many, but for some reason the movie "Wanted" motivates the s*#t out of me, not in a I want to be an assassin way, but in a you can do anything if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself kind of way. So ask yourself what motivates you?, and use it to become a better you.

Rainy day fun

Hello all, well if you live in New York you know that it is a really rainy weekend, and like me your pretty much stuck in the house. Don't let this soggy weekend ruin things for you. I know all of you have some sort of camera if it be a phone cam, a point and shoot or a dslr go right now! get your camera and shoot something. Find something in the house or out the window and shoot it, and don't think its going to be gold as soon as you press the shutter so don't get discouraged. The fun part is the process, and the work you put in to it you will appreciate the end result.  ;-)

dumbo carousel

Hello all, so last night I found myself in dumbo Brooklyn, and I was able to get this shot while freezing my butt off.


Ahh! the joys of being young. Remember just getting up in the morning and all you had to do was eat cereal and play. I miss those days, and I know you do. I'm going to bring back my inner child for 2013 and not take things so seriously, free and easy is the way to go : )