New Years 2015 tips

Happy New Year beautiful people, Hope you are all thankful to see a new year I know I am. This is not a post about the clich'e New Year's resolutions like losing weight, making more money or even finding love. This post is about changing your way of thinking for the New Year. I am going to list some tips that I will be following for the New Year, I encourage you to do the same. The goal is to make sure you are able to comply with your own list, so although we all want to reach for the stars we would also like to someday grab hold of one. Make your list reasonable, but also challenging to you, because the small challenges will bring you closer to that big star in the sky.

          Make yourself uncomfortable every day for the better. Do at least two things that will twist your way of behaving for the better. The key is always for the better.

         "FEAR" I am going to spend the rest of my life being afraid. From morning to night I will live in fear I mean completely petrified for my life. Fearful, scared and petrified of what will happen if I don’t try, if I don’t go for it and if I don’t live the life I want, need and deserve. Don’t fear what will happen if you do, fear what will happen if you don’t.

        I think I will start my new project two weeks from tomorrow, yeah that sounds about right. There is no reason to do it today when I can just put it off for when I have the time. I love to procrastinate and say I don’t have the time when in reality I do have the time. We all have the time, but to procrastinate is such an easy way to just not deal. I am going to make sure that I procrastinate to procrastinate.

       Train and practice the life you deserve and want. You must work every day for what you want out of life. Most of us just try and talk our lives into existence I for one am very guilty of it, but I have realized all talk with no action is just wasted breath that could have been used to push you up that hill to a successful and plentiful life. You want talk? Have a talk with yourself on how you are going to make it to the next level in your life while mastering your current level.

  Life is very short so make it count for you and the ones around you. Last but not least, just enjoy yourself, I know I will.

Happy New Year every one

The achievement

The Achievement will be a photo and a diagram of how the photo was taken. This photo was made with a 16" beauty dish equipped with a daylight balanced bulb & a diffusion sock. The dish was placed 6" away from the subject. I used two matte black foam boards to suck up some light spill, in which they have worked well. A flash set to the lowest power was used for the background otherwise the background would have been completely black. I used the canon 70D with the 50mm 1.8 lens I was about 9' away from the subject. the shoot went pretty well with no muck ups ;-)  I will be making more achievement post in the future stay tuned, and keep shooting.

Getting uncomfortabe

Greetings everyone, hope all is well with you. Today I wanted to talk about the comfort zone we all have it, and if your like me it can be very crippling. Creatives are often plagued with their comfort zone, and I feel it happens even more so for photographers because we have a tendency to get a good photo and continuously keep taking the same shot over and over again. Comfort does not lead to growth, and we all want to grow in our lives, if not than what is the reason for even getting out of bed or living for that matter. The two photos below made me somewhat uncomfortable in the best way, and I have grown from it. I will admit I can be lazy at times and not want to set up lights, reflectors and the sort, but this time I forced myself to shape the light, and shoot the photos the way my mind shot them before I pressed the shutter button. The first photo was made with a daylight balanced bulb and a snoot with a grid attached. The second photo I used a flashgun with 16 inch beauty dish on the subject, and a 5 inch beauty dish with a flashgun bouncing into a silver umbrella reflecting onto thunder grey background paper.


Daytona Beach trip

My family and I had a wonderful day trip to Daytona beach, fl. The best part was that it was also bike weekend, and it seemed like everyone who rides some form of motor bike was in attendance.

Hey you!

Take a chance, and fail at what you love,
instead of succeeding at what you hate.

Beauty editorial

This is my first beauty editorial. Editorial's have to be consistent with theme and color gradation, but not so much with the clothing, of course the clothes have to be in the same theme, but not the same outfit in every shot. I am going to make more editorial post in the near future because I had so much fun thinking of what to add to the shots. As always thanks for all the support.



I have been so intrigued by black and white photos lately. I set out with no destination in mind, not knowing what I am going to shoot for the day, and it has brought the brand new photographer feeling back into shooting for me. I guess its like going on an adventure back in time because I set the camera on black and white and I just shoot, even though I still have the safety net of the raw file under the black and white file ("raw file"- is the untouched data of a photo, so what you shoot is what you get in the raw file, color and all) If you are a lil down about your photos try a new approach, remember what was fun about shooting when you first got you camera. Enjoy yourselves.

 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer

 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer

 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer

 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer
 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer

 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer

 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer
 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer
 Brooklyn - new york - portrait photographer

My Muse

My Muse - Brooklyn N.Y. - Portrait - Photographer
 My son is and will always be my muse even if he knows it or not. At the tender age of 4 years old he is my favorite person to take photos of because I never know what to expect, which is wonderful for a photographer. I never know what side of him I will get could be his action hero persona, his cool guy or is just being a happy 4yr old (I swear the song Happy by Pharrell Williams was made just for him). My son reminds me so much of myself when I was young just full of imagination and creativity. I look at him and it brings the creativity out in me, that free spirit, and that anything is possible way of thinking he has and will always motivate me to go above and beyond. Who or what is your muse? I thank the lord for mine everyday. For my son Tyler, love daddy.

my new fix

my new fix - Brooklyn N.Y. photographer
This is my new baby. I got it about two weeks ago and I simply love it. The bike is a fixed gear which means no gear shifting or free wheel coasting. All of the motion is from your leg power, you can move forward or backwards. A bike such as this has much less for you to worry about when riding, just the joy of the ride. So if you see a guy flying past you with camera on his back give him a shout it might just be me. :)

Happy Days! - Brooklyn, N.Y.- portrait photographer

Oh happy day! New York is getting some spring time weather. Over the past few months we have experienced some not so pleasant weather conditions to say the least. The bad weather has put many New York photographers in a bit of a funk for the better half of the winter. I am predominantly an indoor portrait photographer, but getting to clients and clients getting to me has been a bit of a hassle. So I am very happy as I am sure you are also for the break in the weather. Don’t get me wrong this is in no way a rant about the work of Mother Nature I am very happy to be alive and well to experience the weather at all, but It’s time to dust the snow off those lenses and get back to work. As we all know it is really not work if you love what you do, but you get the point. Happy clicking everyone.  

Training | Brooklyn, N.Y. portrait photographer

Brooklyn, N.Y. Portrait photographer training workout photographBrooklyn, N.Y. Portrait photographer training workout photograph

Weekend workout photograph. The idea came from all the new years resolutions that people make. I wanted to make the photos look moody and low key. I used one beauty dish for the subject and a very small light for the background keeping it very simple. Over thinking a shot will just make things complicated, so I love the k.i.s technique, keep it simple.

lighting the soul

Brooklyn, New York Concept Portrait Photography
2014 has set a fire in my soul with photography. This year I am going to dig deep inside to pull out whatever photo idea I can come up with. I mean why not? No fear in 2014, and beyond. That goes for whatever ideas any of you reading this may have, no matter what your passion is "just do it" keep on pushing forward, and light that fire in your soul for what you want out of life.