my new fix

my new fix - Brooklyn N.Y. photographer
This is my new baby. I got it about two weeks ago and I simply love it. The bike is a fixed gear which means no gear shifting or free wheel coasting. All of the motion is from your leg power, you can move forward or backwards. A bike such as this has much less for you to worry about when riding, just the joy of the ride. So if you see a guy flying past you with camera on his back give him a shout it might just be me. :)

Happy Days! - Brooklyn, N.Y.- portrait photographer

Oh happy day! New York is getting some spring time weather. Over the past few months we have experienced some not so pleasant weather conditions to say the least. The bad weather has put many New York photographers in a bit of a funk for the better half of the winter. I am predominantly an indoor portrait photographer, but getting to clients and clients getting to me has been a bit of a hassle. So I am very happy as I am sure you are also for the break in the weather. Don’t get me wrong this is in no way a rant about the work of Mother Nature I am very happy to be alive and well to experience the weather at all, but It’s time to dust the snow off those lenses and get back to work. As we all know it is really not work if you love what you do, but you get the point. Happy clicking everyone.