Joy of the holidays

Please remember the joy of the holidays. Don't forget to enjoy the company of others this season.
I know life can be stressful at times, but all things will pass. Sometime you just have to laugh it off and move on. So many people don't even have the option to be stressed, because they are no longer with us. So please love and enjoy the life you have, and just relax. check you later happy holidays.

I'm looking for models for test and tfp

Calling all aspiring models in the New York/ New Jersey area. I am in the midst of rebuilding my portfolio for the new year, and I would love to work with some new faces. The shoots will be a for testing and time for prints. Anyone that is interested my contact info is

ph# (646) 258-1493
intsagram: sean_capers
facebook: Sean Capers


Practice Practice Practice

I know you seen the title. Practice! Practice so much that you can't stand to look at your camera, and than do it some more. 

Taking care of yourself

Good day everyone,

Honestly how many of you worked out today? Oh I'll wait... Guess what I actually did, after not working out for like two months. So trust me I am not trying to sound holier than thou, but I mentally feel great that I went.