Spring has sprung

Dress: Zara
Hat: Urban Outfitters

spring fashion, zara, urban outfitters
Spring has sprung, and it's a great time to get out there and shoot. 
The gold sunset was all the light needed for this shoot.
I was able to make some beautiful photos with this magic light.

Fashion in the snow

winter fashion
We have been getting hammered by snow storms here in the north east.
What do you do when you are a photographer?
You make the best of the situation and shoot some photos.
Make the best of what you have and have fun

winter fashion

winter fashion

winter fashion


Simple Commercial product photos


Three product photos made simple

Photo one was the most simple just a pair of vans on a counter top.
The photo is almost all black and white with the red vans logo.
Although a very simple photo I wanted to make sure the photo had some kind of link to skateboarding.
I placed the black skaters cover of thrasher magazine in the background along with a poloroid camera. Two things I love skating and photography.
Simple Commercial product photos vans sneakers
Photo two was a little more work.
I am also a big fan of anime and for sure dragon ball.
I used thread to hang the shoe above the figures, and I masked out the thread in photoshop.

Simple Commercial product photos vans sneakers
Photo three
I wanted to have separation so I put one shoe a little higher than the other and boom!
Use anything you have in the studio (home) to sit the product on to bring closer to the lens, and try to use a wide aperture on the lens. The effect will make your products stand out.  

Simple Commercial product photos vans sneakers

Take a break to recharge

 Good morning, and Happy New Year. 

It is time to put our best foot forward, and get going. I take a much needed break at the beginning of every year to recharge, and remember why I do what I do. the best way to do that is to do some of the things you used to to be before what takes up most of your time now. 

I got a new iPad, and I started doing some digital art again. Getting back to some of the things you love to do will really help with your (for me photography) Try it out you won't be disappointed. Have a great one.

digital art
                                                                           Made with procreate

Let's get started

Good morning, good afternoon or good night no matter what time of the day it is its time to get'er done!
It's Sunday while Im writing this which is the best time to start those short term big term boosting goals.
I'm ready to get this week going, and I hope you are too. Remember we miss all the shots we don't take. 
Have a great week everyone.



Mental health and self care

 Good day everyone, 

I don't have any photos for this topic, but this is a real serious one. Mental health is a topic that most people don't or just won't talk about. You eve wake up just feeling off? We all have at some time in our lives, You ever have a week, month, or a even a year of feeling a little off? 

Not feeling like yourself could just be nothing at all, but what if it isn't? There is no shame in talking to someone about how things are going. I myself have had days when thing felt a little not right in my head, but being a black man from Brooklyn, NY talking about it was not what we did. Fear of looking soft or being called crazy. That was just how things were especially in the black community.

Our way of thinking has to change, and this goes for everyone. All ages, race and creed. Please start reaching out to love ones or even a hot line if you have to. You don't have to go through it alone. I have mental illness in my family, and so much of it was never addressed in the proper way. As an adult I have learned through experience how to recognize when someone needs help. Knowledge i wish I had growing up.

The other day I was watching the news, and I seen a guy push a woman on the train tracks in NYC. The guy was mentally ill and very disturbed. The woman survived with just miner bruises thank god, but it could have been much worse. I feel the guy's mental health was over looked most likely by the people closest to him. 

This year has been a rough one for us all, and so many people are dealing with some really deep depression. Please if you are feeling down or ill reach out to someone. There is no shame in doing so, and anyone who said there is shame on them. Love you all. Be well, and take care.    

Love and business

Hey everyone I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Family and business can work, as long as you have a clear understanding. My wife and I have been working together for the better half of ten years, and married for almost thirteen years.

My wife is my makeup artist, my planner, my second shooter and my main model. She is an amazing makeup artist and wig maker. 
Please check out her youtube channel Keisha Capers

 Check out Keisha Capers Blog