This is my best friend and model Allen. We have had multiple photo sessions together, but this particular session was a little different. You see my friend is going through some problems at the moment nothing he can't handle, but the camera can't lie. The camera has a way of looking inside, and revealing the true thoughts and emotions of a subject. The session lasted for about 15 min, Allen had some prior engagements to attend to. This time I was shooting with a tripod and a remote shutter release its a way of making your subject more comfortable because you don't have a camera blocking your face. So as we were talking about his situation I captured this photo, and I feel it gave so much emotion in a subtle way. As a portrait photographer I feed off true and real emotion, being able to portray real emotion through a photo is the greatest feeling for a portrait photographer. Thanks Allen. 


I love to wonder around New York City and stumble into new areas that I have never been. The city of New York has so much to offer. Most of the time the best things are right outside your window no need for a museum. I encourage all of you to wonder, stumble and just plain get lost in your city which ever city that may be you never know what you may find. Remember junk to some people may be art to you. Okay enough reading go "Get Lost" :-)