Heated October in NYC

Here in NY we are having some very unseasonable weather 
and as you can see we are take full advantage

Autumn photogs

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The leaves are falling and everyone is decked out in their
latest fall wear. Truly there is no better time to be a photographer than during the fall season. Enough talk time for me to get out and see what I can get hopefully you will all do the 
same. So grab a camera and lens or your phone and lets get it.  

My Vision...Newark, NJ


Adidas away days tour nyc

The adidas away days tour was so dope. Just about the entire team came out to Tompkins square park TF in NYC. The day was so awesome some of the new pro's along with the legends were all having fun with the kids. Here are some of the photos from the event. Enjoy.

New York Fashion Week 2016 so far...

New York fashion week is in full swing all around the city, and what a swing it is. 
From street fashion to runway shows its all going down in NYC this week.


Skateboarding Dream

This past weekend was a dream for any skateboarder in the tristate area. NYC and NJ was filled to the brim with skateboarding's most elite riders, photographers and industry leaders. The annual street league competition held in Newark NJ gave us the privilege to skate and hang out with pro's that usually would not see on the east coast. Here are some of the photos from the events the were taken place. Enjoy.

Happy Father Day

To all the fathers and father figures out there 
I just had to shoot a photo of my fathers day gift
(the gun is a fake prop for the photo shoot)

Inspire to shoot...

Hey everyone.

Ever have one of those days when your just sitting around the house not really doing anything, but you know you would like to be doing something creative. No matter what it is just something to get the creative juices flowing.

Well I for one have those days more than not, so what I do when I feel one of those days coming on I shoot the photos I inspire to be hired for. I tend to roll play with myself, I play the art director and the photographer, and I act as if I am really on a big shoot. Call me crazy, but trust me it works.

I hired myself to shoot some photos of the Nike sb Janoski sneakers. A very simple, but effective self project to get those juices going. So hire yourself and shoot what you inspire to be hired to shoot.


My Vision...23rd st., New York


"Brooklyn is always in the house"
Street fashion repping one of the greatest mc's 

Let's get it

No matter what your other outlets are bike riding, skateboarding, painting, get out there and do it.   
 Trust me you will feel so motivated and inspired. We are photographers, but sometime we forget the other hobbies that also make us just as happy as pressing that shutter. 

We get so caught up with trying to make the perfect photo that it can lead to depression, self doubt and anxiety. Putting down the camera sometime to do some of the other things you love does not make you less of a photographer in many ways it can make you a better one. 

Winter Fashion

                                                                  Model: Keisha Capers

                                                           Website: keishacapersblog.com