Black history month, the photographers.

Happy black history month. Every Monday during this black history month. I will talk about at least one black photographer that you may or may not have heard of.

With so many influential and iconic black photographers it was hard to choose but I have narrowed it down to my favorite four. As for the favorites that I did not choose you are all appreciated, and thank you for your contribution.

We will start with the iconic Gordon Parks

 Mr. Parks started is long courageous career as a fashion photographer.
The first job Mr. Parks embarked on was shooting dresses for Murphy's department store.
As a black photographer in the early forty's this was no easy feat.

Mr. Parks persiveared through many adversities to get his foot in the door, and those doors were the likes of Vogue, and life magazine. Here are a few photos from the works of Gordon Parks.

After shooting fashion for a number of years Mr. parks went on to become a photo journalist for Life magazine.

Photographer, writer, painter, director, composer and the list goes on and on.
Mr. Parks thank you for your contribution you are appreciated. 

Please check out the Gordon Parks documentary "half past autumn" on youtube 

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