Taking care of yourself

Good day everyone,

Honestly how many of you worked out today? Oh I'll wait... Guess what I actually did, after not working out for like two months. So trust me I am not trying to sound holier than thou, but I mentally feel great that I went.

The only problem with going to the gym after such a long hiatus is your body feels like crap after. We as creatives spend loads of time in front of computers, make up stations, and just alot of stationary positions. Sitting and standing in the same position can be very bad for your health in so many ways. It can lead to back problems, knee problems and even diabetes from not getting in motion.

One of the worst things we do is eat while we work, and most of us eat bad. I have a snacking problem that I am trying to kick, but snacks are soooo good lol. I feel going to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week should help with my bad habits. It's so funny that getting your body moving gets your creative mind moving. The workout gave me the gusto to write this blog post.

Remember we have one life to live, let's make sure we are living that life for as long as we can.
Take care everyone. 

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