Music that motivates

Hey everyone! How are ya? Having a great end of the years I hope.

I was thinking what really gets me going, and for the life of me all I could think of was music. I know big surprise, but it's so true. Have you ever heard that song that just speaks to you creative soul? Shoot! I have full albums that speak to mine. Radiohead anthing, but specifically OK Computer.
OK computer is a master piece in my eyes.

I have what I call the quick fix shot to the vein songs to get the creative juices going.
The songs are has follows,

The  Rolling stones - Gimmie Shelter : for that old school feel, when I want to get my Annie Leibovitz on.

ACDC - Thunderstruck: for those intense photo sessions, and when I'm skateboarding.

Beyonce - Single ladies: for when I want to empower my clients, this song always gets people moving.

The list goes on and on from Nas, lady gaga, Jay z, led Zeppelin, and Queen just to name a few.
I would like to know what music gets you going. Might be something I never heard. check ya later

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