Creative work out

 I have put myself on a work out plan, a creative work out plan.

You ever feel as if the creative juices are just not flowing, or flowing in the right direction for that matter. Mainly because creatives such as ourselves find it very hard to focus on one idea and bring that idea to life before it falls into the creative pit of lost idea's. Trust me the idea's are still flowing, but sometimes your knowledge of your craft can cloud you and stop that flow, which brings me to my creative workout plan "think it, limit it, execute it" it's so simple.

I get the idea, than I map it out "subject, tone and feeling" I figure out what I am going to shoot (subject). Next I work out the look of the photo (tone & color). Most importantly is the feeling of the photo, meaning what kind of emotions am I getting from the photo. I will scrap an entire shoot if there is no emotion. the photo can be warm and fuzzy or cold and hard, but above all the photo must give off some sort of emotional feeling. Limit yourself, give yourself a limited space to work in and than create as much as you can with what you have. Last but not least bring it all to life. Make your own plan that works for you and stick to it. Those creative juices will start flowing and feel more focused and on point. You will start to notice your photography improving greatly. :-)      

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