Go skateboarding day

Go skate boarding day is a world wide event that takes place on June 21 of every year. Today in New York City the weather it around 100, but that did not stop the skaters of this wonderful city.

 Go skate boarding day always brings out the pros (left) Eric Koston (right) Steffin Janowski
P.Rod and Ishod also joined Koston on the podium just before the nike demo, oh yeah there was a nike demo even with the blazing heat. Thanks guys the kids of New York really appreciate it

After a little organized confusion they were able to get the best trick contest underway
which turned out to be the most caotic contest ever, but still fun.

All the skaters of New York owe a huge thanks to the owner of 5boro skateboards Steve Rodriguez if not for Steve most of the skate parks we have in this city would not exist. Thanks Steve.

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