I wonder sometime why did I start capturing images, was it to be a glamorous photographer traveling the world and taking photos of modals in Milan for Italian vogue and than getting on my private jet to Japan with my five assistants to shoot photos of the emperor although it sounds exciting and fun, a dream photographers job, but in one word no. As a child I loved looking at photo albums of old family pictures from before I was born and after. I would think to myself wow I must have the greatest photographers in my family. The photos were in no means up to today's photo shopped to perfection 40 mega pixel Hassleblad images that seem to be the standard, But they captured the moment and that is what really matters. I would sit for hours and look through hundreds of photos most of which were done with a polaroid, but for some reason they had more feeling than today's photos not just because it was my family but in general they just did. Capturing the moment is what I try to bring to my photography I know now-a-days I use speed lights, umbrellas soft boxes and reflectors among other things to get that great photo, but what it comes down to is the idea is still the same to capture a moment. That is my reason for becoming a photographer to capture moments. Before I go one last tid bit I have, the word photographer, when most people hear it they get an image of some world class fashion or wildlife photographer, and I just want to say we are all photographers, from the 5 year old with their first kodak cam to that world class photog, if you capture an image and freeze that moment in time the way you feel it should be than by all right you are a photographer.


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